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The Work of 2010/2011 API Fellows

CULTURE, POWER AND PRATICES: THE GLOBALIZATION OF CULTURE AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR ASIAN REGIONAL TRANSFORMATION, is a collection of papers by the 2010/2011 Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellows. The 23 papers that comprise this volume cover key areas such as multiple modernities through globalization in the Asian context; multiple identities via the globalization of art, media and performance; multiple identities via spirituality, histories and cultural representations; potential of local knowledge and practices; and flux and flows of people, power and practices in relation to social justice.


Tatsuya Tanami, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation

Sombath Somphone, Director of Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC), Vientiane, Laos; The 2005 Ramon Magsaysay awardee for the Community Leadership

Ratana Tosakul, Workshop Director


Panel 1: Multiple Modernities: Globalization in Asian Context

Development of Malay Rice Growing Villages under De-Agrarianization
Rika Terano

Dams in the Philippines and in Thailand: Social and Environmental Impact of Natural Resource Development Projects
Yu Terashima

Communication, Education and Public Awareness for Forest and Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan
Kritsana Kaewplang

Panel 2: Potential of Local Knowledge and Practices: A Possibility for Sustainable Development?

Potentials of Local Traditions: A Study on Its Development for Social Transformation
Sri Wahyuni

Indigenous Engagement in Local Government: Experiences in Malaysia and Indonesia
Claire Bongsalo Lacdao

Strengthening Communities from Japan and Indonesia, through Local Spirit, Traditional Culture and Sustainable Tourism
Pattaraporn Apichit

The Study of Local Wisdom concerning the Consumption of Native Food and the Utilization of Indigenous Medicinal Vegetables for Health Care in Indonesia
Khosit Elvezio Kasikam

“Master Planning” vs “Networking” Approaches to Solve Contemporary Urban Crises in Asian cities
Kenta Kishi

Panel 3: Multiple Identities via the Globalization of Art, Media and Performance

A Mindscape Like No Other? Bits and Pieces on Globalization of Manga Subculture and Visual Identity
Hikmat Darmawan

Mapping Kyoto: An Artist’s Perspective
M. Ichsan Harja Nugraha

Soundscape Composition & Field Recording in North Malaysia - The Work of “The Land of Isolation”
Yasuhiro Morinaga

Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: Narratives of a Region
Maria Joselina Anna G. Cruz

Creative Contemporary Asian Dance based on Traditional Techniques and Spirituality Fusing Lanna (Northern Thailand), Indonesia, and Japan
Ronnarong Khampha

Panel 4: Multiple Identities via Spirituality, Histories and Cultural Re-Presentations

Theories and Practices of Mindfulness In Asian Traditions: Historical Context and Relevance to the Modern World
Dante G. Simbulan, Jr.

The “Contemporary Art Museum” in Japan: A Study on the Role and Function of the Cultural Institution in Today’s Urban Society
Aroon Puritat

MUKHANG PERA: Banknotes and Nation
Ambeth R. Ocampo

In Search of an ASEAN Identity
Pham Quang Minh

Collective Memories, Jargons, Rituals and Perceptions: Toward a Broader Scope and General Recognition of Pengetahuan Lokal in Disaster Preparedness
Benigno C. Balgos

Panel 5: Flux and Flows of People, Power and Practices: Issues Relating to Social Justice

Light at Night: How the Offshore Call Center Industry is Shaping Young Filipino Workers
Resmi Setia Milawati

Re-imagining Citizenship and Political Agency: Practices and Perspectives of Migrant Workers in Malaysia and Japan
Alinaya Sybilla L. Fabros

Muslim Women in Public Spheres: From Historical Narratives to Roles in the 21st Century
Subhatra Bhumiprabhas

Political Participation of Women in Asia from a Feminist Perspective: A Documentary Film Project
Loh Yin San

China’s Confucius Institute and Its Civilizing Mission in the Mekong Region
Nguyen Van Chinh

A Summary Report

Appendix I: Workshop Schedule
Appendix II: Workshop Participants
Appendix III: Abstracts of Papers

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