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The Work of 2009/2010 API Fellows

UNDERSTANDING CONFLUENCES AND CONTESTATIONS, CONTINUITIES AND CHANGES: TOWARDS TRANSFORMING SOCIETY AND EMPOWERING PEOPLE, is a collection of papers by the 2009/2010 Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellows. The twenty-three papers that comprise this volume cover key areas such as development and marginalization of the poor, indigenous peoples, forced migrants and Muslim minorities; globalization and its impacts; sustainable development and human relationship with nature; and the flow of cultural ideas, texts, and practices.


Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation

Sharom Ahmat, Chairman of Socio-Economic & Environmental Research Institute (SERI)

Francis Loh, Workshop Director


Panel 1: Development and Marginalization: the Poor, Indigenous Peoples and Forced Migrants

Diverse Political Behavior among the Urban Poor and their Identities
Saya Kiba

NGO’s Role and Small Scale Farmer’s Leadership in Ensuring Food Security in Rural Sumatra
Michiko Sugawara

The Socio-Economic Plight of Vietnamese Labour in Malaysia
Thanyathip Sripana

Finding Room for the Stateless: Locating the Rohingya in a Difficult World of Nations
Avyanthi Azis

Panel 2: From Conflict to Peace Building and Democratization: Muslim Minorities in Southeast Asia

Interfaith Dialogue in Mindanao: Sharing a Common Hope and Mutual Fears
Siti Sarah Muwahidah
Constructively Engaging Non-State Armed Groups in Asia
Soliman M. Santos, Jr.
Engaging the Role of NGOs in a Conflict Prone Area: Conflict Transformation and Peace Building in Southern Thailand
Erna Anjarwati

Managing Identity: Muslim Minorities in Asia (South Thailand, the Southern Philippines, and Penang, Malaysia)
Ahmad Suaedy

Malaysian Indian Muslims’ Oscillating Identity: Swinging between Home and Host Countries
Erni Budiwanti

Panel 3: The Impact of Globalization on Socio-political Processes and Institutions: The Search for Regional Alternatives?

International Philanthropy in Southeast Asia: Case Studies from Indonesia and the Philippines
Alan Feinstein

Winds of Change: Globalization and Transformation in Southeast Asian Organizations
Regina Hechanova
Monitoring Election: Resistance against Authoritarian Regime: The Case of the National Citizen’s Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) in the Philippines and the Komite Independen Pemantau Pemilu (KIPP) or Independent Election Monitoring Committee in Indonesia
Amin Shah bin Iskandar

The 3R Potential of Municipal Waste in Bangi, Malaysia
Kohei Watanabe

Panel 4: People in the Margins, Sustainable Development, and Our Relationship with Nature

Living in the Midst of the Mining Industry in Philippines and Japan: Community and Civil Society Struggling to Responses
Bampen Chaiyarak

Entitlement and Accessibility of Right to Resource Management of Indigenous Peoples: Comparative Study of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines and Indonesia
Wiwat Tamee

Socio-economic Security for Poor People Living around Forest Area
Dwi Any Marsiyanti

New Nature: New Evidence of Naturalistic Pantheism in Contemporary Art and Culture of Japan and the Philippines
Prabda Yoon

Local Rice-Terrace-Cultures as Tested Immune-System vs Global Rice Shortages: Can Kultur-Fests Rejuvenate such Ancient Survival Kits
Kidlat Tahimik

Panel 5: The Flow of Cultural Ideas, Texts, Practices: Contestations, Continuities, Changes

Southeast Asian Robinsonades: A Study on the Translations of Joachim Heinrich Campe’s Robinson der J?ngere (1779/1780) into Tagalog (Ang Bagong Robinson, 1879) and Bahasa Melayu (Hikayat Robinson Cruso?, 1875)
Ramon Guillermo
Western Texts in Uncolonised Contexts: English Studies in Japan and Thailand
Zawiah Yahya
Ali Shari’ati and Morteza Mutahhari’s Ideological Influences on Intellectual Discourse and Activism in Indonesia
Mohd Shaiful Ramze Endut
Changing Identities of Japanese Traditional Music in Twenty First Century
Thitipol Kanteewong

Networks, Centres and Peripheries: Musical Exchanges in Maritime Asia
Arsenio Nicolas

Appendix I: Workshop Schedule
Appendix II: Workshop Participants
Appendix III: Abstracts of Papers

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